Afterburners Vol. 1

Afterburners Vol. 1, a free 15-track, 6o minute compilation is now ready to invade your earholes. Grip copies at Ottawa Explosion this weekend and Monday in Montreal at the WYRD MTL Bazaar.

Featuring new, previously unrealeased music by:

The Band Whose Name is a Symbol//Mark F//Blake Hargreaves//Total Crush//Caymens//Mark Alexander McIntyre//Grand Trine//Bald Hair//Pregnancy Scares//F Hood//DT//Roberta Bondar// Ritual Healer//Andy Boay//Self Surgery

50 Black C60s, ltd. to 55 copies. 20 copies include a double sided 11×17 poster insert.


Enter the code “afterburnersvol1″ here for a digital copy.