Andy Boay – Born To Fully

andyboaySo this bad boy is out in the wild! Super proud of how it all came out and honoured to work with Andy! True Gentleman!

First review comes from Austrailia/New Zealand’s Rose Quartz blog:

Typically soaring overdubs, guitar wails and just generally fucking weird energy on this new tape from Andy Boay aka Andy White of longtime RQ favs Tonstartssbandht. This dense closer from the Bruised Tongue tape summons all those eternally jamming Creedence licks from their live show as well as the choir boy spirituality shit. Also FYI Tonstarssbandht are playing w/ Grimes and Makeout Videotape in Montreal next week if that’s yr area; tickets here.

More from Altered Zones / Visitation Rites:

“Own Myn Own” is a track from Born to Fully, the first solo tape from Andy Boay, who is one of the brothers behind Tonstartssbandht. If you’re familiar with the latter project, the mantric guitar lines on this song should come as no surprise. Without Tonstartssbandht’s signature pulsing drum thumps, however, “Own Myn Own” skips your hips and goes straight to your head. The video’s heavy chroma key aesthetics evoke television musical performances from the height of the psychedelic era. –Samantha Cornwell 


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