We’re keeping things in the family with our two latest releases:

BOYHOOD- When I’m Hungry

Those of you keeping track of our output over the past year will already be more than familiar with Boyhood’s bedroom blended brand of psych’d out slow-burning poly-pop. Following a quickly out-of-print five-song EP and a springtime tour of the Eastern US, Boyhood baited us with a track on last summer’s Afterburners Vol. 2 compilation setting the tone for what would become her first full-length, When I’m Hungry. Continuing in the tradition of her first release, Caylie Runciman is a one-woman arsenal. Having written, performed, and recorded all instrumentation completely on her own, the ten tracks on When I’m Hungry channel an energy reminiscent of deeper cuts from the 90s American DIY canon years beyond the young mind that spawned them. Available NOW in an edition of 100 half-black/half-white 25 minute cassettes with digital download.

GRIME KINGS- First View of the New

The newest addition to the Bruised Tongue roster further exposes the damaged genius of the Runciman bloodline.  The verdict is still out on whether to point the blame at a genetic mutation, a tainted Belleville municipal water supply, or “the brown acid”, but there is definitely something to be unearthed here.  Brother of the Boyhood mastermind, Callum Runciman has become a staple of the ‘hood’s live lineup over the past year while writing and recording with his own crew of barely legals under the Grime Kings moniker. First View of the New is a 40 minute walk around the brain of a 17 year-old prodigy discovering himself in front of a 4-track. Album opener, Modern Day Lady’s bombastic party beats might invite you in, but Angel or Ghost’s Cleaners from Venus-esque keyboard melody is there to keep you in check.  Grime Kings dip their toes in several different cesspools of distortion on this release and they do it all with soul, style, and substance. With high school graduation and age of majority only a few months around the corner, we can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with next. Available NOW in an edition of 60 pink 40 minute cassettes with digital download.