Heavy Chains S/T 7″


Those keeping track of the Vancouver underground over the past few years are no strangers to Heavy Chains.  2/3s of Nü Sensae & 1/4 of White Lung have come together to drag you through a Burning Hell of cough syrup sludge, brown notes, and feedback screams. An unofficial first-ever vinyl release from Bruised Tongue, and the first recorded output from Heavy Chains in nearly three years sees the band taking a much more aggro approach than we’re used to, heavily channeling the best of Japanese hardcore psychadelia on the A-side (including a GISM cover that seriously rivals the original) and digging even deeper, darker, and doomier on the flip.

Ottawans can pick up a copy from us personally this Friday. Available to the rest of the world after the weekend.

Limited to a one-time edition of 300 in risograph’d sleeves.