Weird Canada gives Bruised Tongue some love!

From the eyedropper blues of Adam Bradley:

Straight-sampled Moondog opens the Hiss EP with a humble jangle of bells and found train-whistle sound before the calm is cracked sidelong by a sledge of garagey ’tude. An eyedropper’s worth of blues is swallowed up in a vat of steaming punk-rock pitch. Denim-shredding tones, dented rhythms and proto-Karen O vocals slap you square in the gob. Roberta Bondar are yet another jewel in the crown of Ottawa’s Bruised Tongue.

From the mashed bangers of V. Rachel Weldon:

 This prolific Ottawa songwriting duo have put out three full-length releases this year alone, with no signs of slowing down.Marine Tantrum’s title does well to reflect its fine balance of bangers and mash, but gets the chronology backwards. Out of the gate, “British Grafitti”, “Teenage Kingdomdom” and “Jesus Fish” throw fits like angry mall punx, before mellowing out later tracks like “Needle Beach” and “Tumble Dry” with submerged distortion, wavy falsetto and effortless indifference. Closer “Zola Saw”, which most closely resembles Multibody’s teen-dreamy vibration, is spacious and drawn-out, playing with pseudo-naïveté. Knowing and not knowing, it negotiates between youth and maturity, light and heavy, resolving nothing.

From the downward spiral of Joni Sadler:

 Montreal trio Ultrathin delve into otherworldly territory with this deeply psychedelic blast of fuzz-punk. Whether you prefer your jams fast and nihilistic or drawn out and spacey, these dudes have you covered. When they beckon you to “walk into the void,” it’s tough to ignore the call. Welcome to the next dimension.