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Bruised Tongue & Ottawa Explosion Present an OXW Pre-party with…ICEAGE (Copenhagen, Denmark. Matador Records)

Infamous Danish post-punks invade Ottawa for the first time. Youthful snot, gothic melodrama, and melodic punk anthems melded together into a sound that couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else. Brand new LP on Matador Records!

PREGNANCY SCARES (Ottawa, Deranged Records)

Break-neck punk for the people. Come for the feedback stay for the spit-bath.

LOWER (Copenhagen, Denmark. Escho Records)

Euro-tinged doom and gloom post-punk pulling on 90s DIY heart-strings. Torch carriers for Copenhagen’s thriving N.W.O.D.F.Y. scene.

DOORS AT 8:30.
$12 advance/$15 at the door

Tickets available at Vertigo Records, Birdman Sound, and Antique Skateshop

Poster by Ross Proulx

To get your ticket online use  the button below.

03/02 Steve Adamyk Band / Sonic Avenues








STEVE ADAMYK BAND (Ottawa, ON) 11:15 pm

This is the 3rd lp from this amazing band. If you’ve been following them from the start you know what to expect: powerful punk with catchy melodies. Not reinventing the wheel but definitely making it faster and smoother.

SONIC AVENUES (Montreal, QC) 10:30 pm

Sonic Avenues may be from Montreal but they are an Ottawa band at heart. Brothers in arms with the Steve Adamyk Band, the two have toured Europe together twice and share a member. They released the incredible Television Youth lp on Dirtnap last year.

followed by NIGHT MOVES with DJ Pat Johson!

317 BANK ST.
DOORS AT 9 PM. $8.

Poster by Curtis Delaney (

01/27 Arrington De Dionyso / Adam Saikaley / Self Surgery


Arrington de Dionyso (K Records, member of Old Time Relijun)
Arrington de Dionyso conjures Utopic Spaces with multiphonic vocal work & minimalist instrumentation. It’s shamanic seance meets rock and roll ecstasy; “TRANCE PUNK” combining traditional ritual trance, electrified experimental approaches, dancehall rhythms, gamelan scales and mystically inspired Indonesian incantations. Shocking and hallucinatory, MALAIKAT DAN SINGA always aims to channel Spirit.

Adam Saikaley
Ottawa’s own experimental tinkerer knows no bounds to his creative and abstract sonic creations.

Self Surgery
Bruised Tongue’s own co-henchmen will start off the night with dark and twisted sound-scaped and scraped meditation. Join the quest.






A poly rhythmic berbere stew swung from an I beam, knit in a sauerkraut sweatshirt printed with a constellation map made in ascii.

From Pitchfork’s “BEST NEW TRACK” review of their song “UFO” ( :
Given their track record of tricky time-signatures and genre-blurring chicanery, it’s no surprise that the members of Absolutely Free– who comprised four fifths of defunct Toronto art-punk spazzes DD/MM/YYYY– named their new prog-funk outfit after Frank Zappa’s second album. But on first approach, their debut single doesn’t try to overwhelm you with technical wizardry: after a brief introductory swirl of strings, “UFO” instantly establishes the sort of suitably cosmic groove that you can imagine the Flaming Lips settling into about halfway through one of their six-hour jam experiments, with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Matt King waiting till the song reaches optimal zone-out potential before introducing its winsome, wandering melody. That sense of idyll, however, is dramatically upended by an urgent chorus whose heart-racing tribal percussion infects the song for its duration, leading to a mercilessly cacophonous conclusion that will have you making an appointment at the Genius Bar to ensure your MacBook speakers haven’t been completely fried.

Undefinable rock with a clean punk attitude; French vocals, but not French music; with a dirty and well constructed deconstruction of form. It’s original, but accessible; dirty, but well dressed. Fet.Nat is experience in all it’s youthfulness.
$8 @ Le Temporaire, 75 rue St-Rédempteur, Hull, J8X 2G3
alcohol will be served for your alcoholic needs


12.29 Nu Sensae, The Soupcans & Pregnancy Scares!


NÜ SENSAE (Vancouver, Suicide Squeeze)

The only noise punk band that matters are back to destroy your eardrums. If you saw them last summer you understand. If you weren’t there, now’s your chance.

THE SOUPCANS (Toronto, Telephone Explosion)

Far-out scuzz-punk by mutants for mutants. Brand new LP on Telephone Explosion!

PREGNANCY SCARES (Ottawa, Deranged)

Four goons spitting on each other.

at GABBA HEY (Secret Location TBA)

Saturday December 29th, 2012

9PM/$10 advance tickets available SOON at Capital Rehearsal Studios, Vertigo Records, Birdman Records
(Buy a ticket, find out where the show is)