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A poly rhythmic berbere stew swung from an I beam, knit in a sauerkraut sweatshirt printed with a constellation map made in ascii.

From Pitchfork’s “BEST NEW TRACK” review of their song “UFO” (http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/14415-ufo/) :
Given their track record of tricky time-signatures and genre-blurring chicanery, it’s no surprise that the members of Absolutely Free– who comprised four fifths of defunct Toronto art-punk spazzes DD/MM/YYYY– named their new prog-funk outfit after Frank Zappa’s second album. But on first approach, their debut single doesn’t try to overwhelm you with technical wizardry: after a brief introductory swirl of strings, “UFO” instantly establishes the sort of suitably cosmic groove that you can imagine the Flaming Lips settling into about halfway through one of their six-hour jam experiments, with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Matt King waiting till the song reaches optimal zone-out potential before introducing its winsome, wandering melody. That sense of idyll, however, is dramatically upended by an urgent chorus whose heart-racing tribal percussion infects the song for its duration, leading to a mercilessly cacophonous conclusion that will have you making an appointment at the Genius Bar to ensure your MacBook speakers haven’t been completely fried.

Undefinable rock with a clean punk attitude; French vocals, but not French music; with a dirty and well constructed deconstruction of form. It’s original, but accessible; dirty, but well dressed. Fet.Nat is experience in all it’s youthfulness.
$8 @ Le Temporaire, 75 rue St-Rédempteur, Hull, J8X 2G3
alcohol will be served for your alcoholic needs





In the Cave

We have a lot of amazing and exciting things in the works. New releases out very soon with bands like The Sedatives, The Night Game Cult, Army of Saint Joan, Self Surgery, Adam Saikaley, and Last Communion.

You may have also seen a few people wandering the streets wearing Bruised Tongue t-shirts around lately and we will have some for sale in the very near future.

We had a house party at Bruised Tongue HQ recently with our pals from Montreal Dead Wife came over, played with Army of Saint Joan (tape release very soon!), Cousins of Reggae, Michigan bangers Sick Llama and Cotton Museum and our very own Self Surgery.

Dave Forcier took some photos of the place totally packed, the rest of which can be seen here.

Cotton Museum

Cotton Museum

Paul Galipeau took some which can be viewed here.

We will try to keep you guys more in the loop!