Holy hell have the past 46 days ever been a mindblow!!!  The Bruised Tongue camp have taken a little bit of a vacation, but it’s hardly been a slack-off.

So it is finally complete. Fucked Corpse’s Led Zeppelin Four full-length cassette is out and ready to blow minds . The longest tape that we have released so far is full of low-fi stoner pop gems that will leave you wanting more.  Losing the spazzy edge for something a little bit harder and heavier, this tape picks up where the raw and real Denim Outta Here demo-single left off. Led Zeppelin Four features guest appearances by Adam Saikaley, members of Nervous System, The Felines, The Balconies, Holy Cobras, Zebrassieres, and a whole bunch of friends.

Listen to the full mastered version of ‘Denim Outta Here’, here.

Fucked Corpse- Led Zeppelin Four, limited to 100 copies

Fucked Corpse- Led Zeppelin Four c45, limited to 100 copies with orange and white sleeves.

Good news travels fast, and after a brainburner of a show at Friendship Cove  book-ended by a pair of sweaty basement freakouts, Nervous System’s Burning White Light sold out of it’s limited run of 60 in no time. Originally planned to be released as a two-sided single, the album quickly transformed into an 8-song full-length as jams were improvised during recording, and looped by master of disaster Ian Showalter (member of Suppositories, producer of Holy CobrasMake Pyramids‘) into a perfect blend of heavy spaced out freak-punk.

Listen to ‘Rhythms 1′ here.

Nervous System- Burning White Light, limited to 60 copies. SOLD OUT!

Nervous System- Burning White Light c40, limited to 60 copies with flourescent yellow and blue sleeves. SOLD OUT!

Self Surgery snuck back into our subconscious again with From Inside the Field, another limited release of very evil live vocal loops weaved through sonic soundscapes using found psychic reading cassettes. Recorded by Ryan from Fucked Corpse. Limited release of 15, nearly sold out.

Self Surgery- From Inside the Field CD-R, limited to 15 copies

Self Surgery- From Inside the Field CD-R, limited to 15 copies

The few remaining copies of the Grand Trine/Holy Cobras split are currently only available from Holy Cobras at shows, but will soon be available in limited copies around Ottawa again.  Listen to ‘Monochromatic Youth’ from the split here. Friends in Montreal can check the Cobras out at L’Esco on Wednesday night opening for Cheveu.  We’ll be there hocking tapes and shirts, so come by and say hello!

Finally, be sure to check out Pierre, Dave Forcier, Cait Powers, and Paul Galipeau‘s photos from the GAGA Weekend last month.

Grand Trine at the Silver Dollar, NXNE 2009. Photo by Dave Forcier

Grand Trine at the Silver Dollar, NXNE 2009. Photo by Dave Forcier