Bruised Tongue/Rock n’ Roll Pizza Party Showcase TOMORROW

It’s been a long wait, but the date is finally getting close. Very close. We’re proud to be teaming up with our RRPP buds to kick off the Ottawa Explosion Weekend with a bang. That means free pizza from them, free tapes from us.  DJ Craig Peru & DJ B-RAD will be spinning weirdo punk rippers between KNIFEMARE, MANNEQUIN, MALE NURSE, HOLY COBRAS, DEMON’S CLAWS, and the VISITORS.

The show will also serve as a dual release show for Knifemare and Mannequin’s much anticipated split C30, as well as Vol.1 of the Bruised Tongue Afterburners compilation we’ve been slaving away on. More info on that to come, and we’ll post it for download super soon. If there’s still copies left after the weekend, the next few mailorders will be padded out with one of these 15-track C60s.